The Politicization of Business: 4 Shocking Things You Should Know about Blue Shield’s Insults of Christians, Conservatives, and Sensible People

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It’s sad…

It’s dangerous…

It shouldn’t be happening…

But the reality is, many companies have decided to use their advertising dollars to become political advocates.

That’s not good business when you’re insulting half, or more, of the population.

It’s not good business when your customer base becomes mad at you.

It’s not good business for shareholders.

I’ve won 87 advertising awards and I’ve created over 300 videos – including TV commercials and infomercials for my ad agency clients. The Blue Shield marketing director, the ad agency that created their latest ad campaign – and the entire Board of Directors – should all be fired.

Let’s take a closer look at Blue Shield, which long has been a promoter of big government, anti-Christian bias and pro-socialist social activity in California.

Here are 4 things you should know:

  1. Blue Shield is heavily-marketing a series of TV commercials attacking President Trump and conservative candidates … and insulting anyone who’s a moderate, conservative, libertarian or Christian.

The TV commercial, they proudly proclaim, shows how people facing adversity have overcome their circumstances … through inclusiveness, “tolerance,” and community-building and health-promoting behavior.

In reality, their TV commercial – called “More Than a Color” – looks very blue politically…

It’s basically an ad for the Democrat Party – and for collectivist political positions.

You can see the one-minute TV commercial here. 

  1. Blue Shield’s political donations heavily favor socialist-leaning candidates.

The company has become a Democrat/Socialist money machine…

In addition to running political propaganda ads, they use their money to support Democrat and socialist politicians.

In 2018, 84% of their corporate donations went to the Democrat Party, 16% to Republicans.

They donated to the Democratic Senatorial Committee and the Democratic Congressional Committee.

They donated $2 million to defeat John Chiang – a 2018 California Governor candidate they did not support – slandering his campaign with negative ads.

They spent $250,000 on Democrat David Hernandez’s campaign when he ran for Lieutenant Governor and over $1 million on Gavin Newson’s campaign in 2018.

  1. Blue Shield’s self-interest is rooted in receiving more subsidies, more protection, and more government favors.

They have 435,000 Obamacare plans under their control…

And although Obamacare enrollment fell by over 24%, they continue to be a part of the movement to destroy private healthcare in California and consolidate it under government control.

They seek to “own” politicians through their donations – to receive special political favors in return.

  1. Blue Shield’s foundation spent over $26 million in 2018, donating to over 50 socialist and collectivist political activists’ groups.

This type of corruption happens when companies use the government to protect themselves from free-market competition.

It’s not easy to switch insurance carries, but why should you support Blue Shield with your health insurance dollars if you live in California? Nobody should. Everybody using Blue Shield should leave.

The trend among businesses to use politics so overtly yet so subtly will destroy freedom. It will be used to further the move toward socialism in 2020.

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2 Comments on “The Politicization of Business: 4 Shocking Things You Should Know about Blue Shield’s Insults of Christians, Conservatives, and Sensible People”

  1. Christians have an alternative to leftist insurance coverage: a Christian healthshare plan. It’s extremely easy on the conscience (no immoral practices are covered), and it’s far cheaper.

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