The Growing Censorship of Conservative/Libertarian and Christian TV – My Explosive National Interview

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There is a growing censorship of conservative/libertarian TV and Christian TV.

It’s wrong.

It’s dangerous.

It’s happening with little opposition.

OAN and Newsmax and FOX are all being hit.

It’s a very dark moment in American history if we allow this to happen.

I was recently interviewed by Pastor Greg Young of the Chosen Generation Podcast/national radio broadcast.

Here are the highlights. You can listen to it HERE.

  • OAN has now been banned from DirectTV. The radical left is promoting a climate of censorship like never before.

The pro-socialist/radicals do not want you to hear an alternative point of view.

  • The radical pro-socialists have mobilized an army of people who are skilled at strategically taking down targeted networks like OAN and Christian and conservative tv is being censored like never before.

OAN is a conservative network that is now being kicked off of DirectTV in April.

DirectTV provides 90% of their revenue and this censorship could put them out of business.

The next target will be Newsmax which has already lost major carriers – followed by Christian TV.

We need to support the freedom of the press and the free exchange of ideas by signing our petition (see below).

Senator Rand Paul cancelled his own subscription to DirectTV.

DirectTV has the left-wing news – several radical stations – plus the biased ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, BBC, etc.  

But FOX, Newsmax, and OAN are on their way to extinction.

  • Pressure came from Congress and the radical groups to ban these stations.

They argued that OANN and Newsmax were presenting misinformation and not telling the truth.

The U.S. Surgeon General even called for the censorship of OAN. and other left-wing mobilizers took their own databases and they activated an army of radicals.

This army of radical mobilizers and activists demanded DirectTV to take OAN off the air…and they succeeded.

  • When you talk about this last election, people did not know the truth about the corruption because there was so much information that was censored.

Conservatives and libertarians cannot get their message out thanks to Big Tech and the biased media.

If you want to protect America and to protect our future, we must have freedom of the press.

We must overcome the culture of censorship and turn this around.

  • If DirectTV received 100,000 or 200,0000 people signing a petition or threatening to leave DirectTV, it could make a big impact.

Bill Morrow is the CEO of DirectTV and we should flood his email and his phone lines. His e-mail is and the phone number is 800-531-5000.

Let’s get out there and make a difference and work to stop this censorship.

Click HERE to listen to the full interview…it’s about 27-minutes long.

Also be sure to sign our petition, “Help Stop the Censorship of OAN on DirectTV”. You can click HERE.

What do you think? Let me know a

4 Comments on “The Growing Censorship of Conservative/Libertarian and Christian TV – My Explosive National Interview”

  1. I canceled DirectTV 2 years ago, so am unable to threaten them with that now. I will sign the petition though.

  2. I wrote to ATT directly
    ATT Complaint Resolution Department
    P.O. Box 10330
    Fort Wayne Indiana 46851-0330

    Re: Potential Cancellation of One American News Network (OANN)

  3. Some conservative billionaire (or a few) needs to step up and create an easily accessible support infrastructure / ecosystem to facilitate all of the banned conservative platforms.

    The BRICS nations (Brazil,Russia, India, China) came up with an alternative to the SWIFT system. It’s not yet on par with SWIFT, but they have a vision and the start of it. Similarly, conservative media needs a similar integrated ecosystem vision and a wealthy businessman (or a few of them working together) needs to propel that forward and fast.

    Conservative media need to put out a call to action to these conservative businessmen for help (an urgent plea)! Time is short and the stakes are enormous!

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