Kevin + Sam Sorbo: Sparking Controversy + Truth [Video]

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Here is a great interview with Kevin Sorbo and his wife Sam.

They are introducing a new film “Let there Be Light.”

In the interview, they speak about President Trump’s recent foreign trip:

  • He called it what it is (Islamic terrorism);
  • He spoke out against the slaughter of Christians;
  • He got 50 Muslim nations together;
  • He was absolutely brilliant in talking about politics and religion

Sam Sorbo said, “…religion is who we are and where we’re going, politics is how we get there. They’re intertwined.”

Why the name for their new movie? They say “there is a darkness in the world in the form of terrorism…there’s only one way to fight against darkness and it’s light…if they believe in light, in goodness, they have to make that distinction.”

You can see the 2.5-minute interview here. Click here.

What do you think about the Sorbo’s interview? Comment below!

3 Comments on “Kevin + Sam Sorbo: Sparking Controversy + Truth [Video]”

  1. monumental… only a non-politician like Trump could’ve prompted the conversations about religion and politics we are now having.

  2. Did no one notice the words that Sam Sorbo says in the last 13 minutes of this movie?
    She said…. “We just want to turn hope into dispair and love into hatred.”
    Now watch that part and tell me why she said that?

    As for the concept behind this movie…
    We do not need anyone to save us!
    Jesus did not die to save anyone.
    We are all connected and part of the Divine consciousness and we need only look within ourselves to understand that we are eternal and perfect. We just need to remember who we are and that words and thoughts are like radio waves which travel out into the universal consciousness. So think, speak and act in loving ways to each other and the world will be transformed.

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