Finally…A Movie Every Parent Should See

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Many readers have children in high school or below.

Many more have children that are grown beyond high school or are grandparents.

Unfortunately, many parents and grandparents have seen kids and grandkids not walking with the Lord and being a prodigal.

And many are praying to see their kids come back to the Lord.

My wife and I saw a movie called “Like Arrows” on Netflix.

It’s a Christian movie on raising children and shows a couple from pregnancy to being grandparents.

Powerfully done, the target audience for this movie are parents with kids that are in junior-high or younger.

Its principals talk about parental involvement and how to encourage kids to walk with the Lord.

This drama is set where if you have a prodigal, you will probably end up in tears.

My wife and I highly recommend you seeing the movie.

Click HERE to view.

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