False Book, False Narrative, False Attack to Destroy Trump and His Agenda [video]

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Don’t be misled by the mainstream media and social media hype about Michael Wolff’s new book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.

It’s nothing but a hit job on President Trump …

Michael Wolff believes that his book will bring down the Trump presidency by spreading the view that Trump is mentally unfit for office.

I remember in middle school the press calling Republican presidential candidate Barry Goldwater unstable, out of control and losing his mind … and that if elected, he would lead the U.S. to nuclear destruction.

The same narrative was used against Ronald Reagan.

And now it’s being used to attack Donald Trump.

It’s a false narrative … being spread using a false book.

It’s all part of the ongoing effort to destroy President Trump and his pro-America agenda.

But here’s the truth …

Watch this powerful 12 ½ -minute video of White House advisor Steven Miller discussing the mental capacity of President Trump with CNN commentator Jake Tapper … and then being cut off when Tapper says, “I’ve wasted enough of my viewers’ time.”


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2 Comments on “False Book, False Narrative, False Attack to Destroy Trump and His Agenda [video]”

  1. Sadly, I was not surprised when Presidents Bush Sr & Jr along with Jebb and other ‘establishment’ globalists stated they did not vote for Trump, thereby increasing the probability of Hillary being elected. All ’establishment’ republicans speak and govern conservatively only to the extent necessary to hide their true nature.

    ‘Establishment’ operators infesting the GOP would rather have an ‘establishment’ Democrat elected than a non-establishment Republican they cannot control – with the ultimate earthly enemy of the ‘establishment’ being godly-constitutionalists.

    The same ‘establishment’ infection of the GOP sabotaging Trump’s presidency was evidenced during the recent Alabama GOP congressional primary election where ‘establishment’ political operators, their media accomplices and money-managers insured a Democrat was elected in a district easily won by the GOP. Knowing (constitutionalist) Georgia U.S. House Representative ‘Mo Brooks’ was likely to beat GOP establishment-anointed Luther Strange in the primary, our ‘establishment’ Senate Majority Leader directed super-pack money to support the establishment’s Luther Strange and trash Mo Brooks, ultimately leaving Roy Moore who the ‘establishment’ GOP knew could be demonized. When voters rejected establishment-pawn Luther Strange for constitutionalist Moore, the ‘establishment’ GOP that would rather have socialist Doug Jones elected than a constitutionalist, proceeded to sabotage Roy Moore through minimal support, talk of not seating Moore in congress, etc.

    If we GOP voters do not begin lawfully representing Christ in government beginning with the lawful cleansing of the GOP of establishment conservative-impostors and well intended constitutional-deconstructionists, the GOP will continue operating as ‘the far lesser of two America destroying mainstream political parties’ and Trump will be impeached or not reelected unless he complies with ‘establishment’ globalists.

    We must stop believing America can be saved by continuing our pattern of electing ‘patriotic’ and ‘christian’ talking establishment-GOP globalists be leaving they are the ‘lessor of two evils’ to prevent an establishment-democrat from being elected – when all ‘establishment’ entities conspire to provide the perception of opposing sides while actually operating on the same team using America as a tool for globalists.

  2. If we did not have so many fake conservatives in congress, republican politicians would have joined with President Trump and repealed Obama’s unconstitutional legislation that turned health-care into health-control.

    Republicans could have returned government back to being constitutional, but instead fake conservatives make sure most unconstitutional democrat legislation stays in place – because they have more in common with their democrat fraternity brothers than the constitution.

    Until we stop settling for fake conservatives in the GOP there will be no saving America. Something that offends God greatly because we are bringing tyranny on our own children and grandchildren.

    Add to that, our shepherds who are supposed to protect us spiritually and physically, but who do not call their congregations to represent Jesus in government making sure there’s no opposition to fake conservatives, democrats and others destroying America.

    Do our church leaders think their job is to be shepherds for Jesus, or provide entertaining music and lukewarm teachings keeping us happy while the future of our children and nation is destroyed?

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