Blake Shelton: Going from Mainstream to Gospel

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Blake Shelton: Going from Mainstream to Gospel

Blake Shelton is a country music star.

He has recorded music hits, which have taken him to the top of the charts.

But he’s now turning away from the mass appeal of pop culture to glorify God.

In one of his songs, Shelton sings:

“Though the devil tried to break me,

“My sweet Jesus won’t forsake me,

“When I’m in my Savior’s Shadow

“Where I’m supposed to be.”

Check out his latest Gospel hit “Savior’s Shadow” here:

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8 Comments on “Blake Shelton: Going from Mainstream to Gospel”

  1. Huge blessing! thank you Craig———-Oh may Blake Shelton open doors for many, many other singers to lead many to the Lord in these end times. It’s time to awake !

  2. Hundreds of gospel songs are sung by hundreds of people, few are Christians. Just because you sing a song like that doesn’t mean he is a Christian. Time will really show his true heart. I haven’t seen any evidence that Blake Shelton has been saved. God uses the things of the world for His own glory, too!

    1. And who are you to cast stones? Blameless and perfect? I think not. Don’t judge people you do not know…Mrs. Pharisee……We are ALL imperfect Christians which is WHY we need Jesus. You make Christianity look disgusting.

  3. I’m sorry, but is this the same Blake Shelton that is on The Voice, the same Blake Shelton that recently divorced his wife, and is now seeing another woman? Until I hear him publicly repent and talk about his faith, I don’t believe it.

  4. Thanks for sharing this, Craig! I’m so glad to hear Blake sing about the Lord! Had to share it on Facebook!

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