Tsunami: Special Interests and Media Fighting Against – and Lying About – Tax Reform [Video]

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Don’t believe the special interest lies or the media distortions.

You … and all Americans … will benefit from tax reform.

The average American family will get a $4,000 raise under President Trump’s proposed tax reform plan.

Just by reducing the top corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 20 percent will BOOST middle-class incomes substantially.

And it will set the stage for historic economic growth, jobs and pay raises.

The new tax reform plan, proposed by President Trump, is geared to put money in you and your family’s pockets.

But a full-on war has broken out.

Special interest groups, labor unions and the biased media have come out full force against any tax reform.

In fact, a coalition of liberal groups and unions are spending thousands of dollars on TV ads, Facebook, emails and more, blasting Trump’s “economic stimulus” tax plan as a giveaway to the rich.

As a small business owner, I have seen how crushing the regulations and taxes have been on my clients and competitors.

It’s robbed people of jobs, income raises, and so much more.

And, as a small business owner, I can tell you that tax reform will have such a dramatic, positive impact on business that we will see a historic economic boon, maybe the largest in U.S. history.

Without this tax reform, we will probably see a crash in the stock market and a depression.

Political progressives like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Obama before them, love to divide America by wealth.

They gloss over the fact “the rich” pay their fair share of taxes AND MORE.

Using 2014 statistics, those making over $250,000 paid over half (55%) of all individual income taxes collected, even though they accounted for only 2.7% of all returns filed.

To the Left, “the rich” is a one-size-fits-all label for “evil people” who don’t deserve the wealth they’ve created.

That argument is pure socialism, which is their ultimate goal for America.

By sowing misinformation and half-truths, the special interests and press could kill the economy turnaround that has just begun.

Washington lobbyists and special interest groups want to protect beneficial tax breaks.

Don’t be fooled by the media distortions and Facebook lies …

… President Trump’s tax reform plan will be a boon to you and your family.

After 8 years of painful stagnant economic growth in America, tax reform is critical to turning the economy around.

So, don’t believe the social and mainstream media’s liberal-driven agenda denouncing Trump’s tax reform plan.

It is fiction.

President Trump’s tax reform, over the next 10 years, will create:

  • 12 million new jobs
  • $10 trillion in additional economic activity
  • $3 trillion in budgetary savings

It’s time to change the tax code. It’s time to stop punishing family businesses and middle-class Americans.

A thriving economy, after all, benefits everyone.

Liberals love Trump’s tax plan … when told it’s Bernie Sanders’ plan. Watch this hilarious 3 ½-minute video.

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3 Comments on “Tsunami: Special Interests and Media Fighting Against – and Lying About – Tax Reform [Video]”

  1. Thanks so much, I forwarded to my prayer team of 70 intercessors. This is a spiritual warfare as so many people read main stream media only, and the unions like Realtors Associations are advocating protests. We must pray!

  2. Great work glorifying the Lord Grace!

    I would add to your statement regarding our need to pray and engage in spiritual warfare, that we must also engage in lawful/peaceful ‘earthly warfare’ required if we are to obey him glorify Christ. We cannot just pray, though prayer comes 1st. We must also displace evildoers with representation if Christ in every aspect of our nation including society, government, economics, education, and the like. To not physically represent Christ in all these spheres of existence and only pray, is to treat God like an effective ‘Almighty-bell-hop’ who is to come down and fix all of the threats against America ultimately created by christians failing to represent Christ – of which unconstitutional taxation is one of many destructive things.

    Taxation and all elements on the list of governmental things destroying America exist because the vast majority of the nearly 1,000,000 people stating they are Christians are not representing Jesus in government – though one of the purposes for our creation being to glorify Christ by representing him in ALL things.

    The other failure of the questions is that when they do vote, they do not distinguish between fake-conservatives and their ‘puppets with good intentions,’ versus true conservatives who are necessarily constitutionalists. This has corrupted the Republican Party with deep-state-establishment fake-conservatives making at the party function as the lesser of two America destroying parties as compared to Democrats.

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