Looking Ahead: I’m Available to Speak at Your Church

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I’ve been asked to speak in the coming weeks to a variety of groups on a variety of topics, such as: How the 2018 midterm election will affect individuals, families and businesses over the next 2 years What constitutes a worldview, and how worldviews affect political beliefs How to Vote For – not Against – Your Values I often speak … Read More

Biblical Worldview: 7 Shocking Realities Most Christians Don’t Know

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It’s disturbing… For many Christians shocking… It’s how few who profess to be Christians believe in a biblical worldview. First, everyone has a worldview – or a combination of worldviews – whether they realize it or not … even if they don’t know for sure what a worldview is. Simply put, a worldview is the belief system through which we … Read More

7 Principles Every Christian Should Live By in the Face of Secular Worldview Opposition

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Christians are “insensitive to others” – according to 70% of non-Christians between the ages of 16 and 29. But contrary to the majority opinion, moral character doesn’t have to be incompatible with grace, mercy and love. Imagine how much trouble we’d be in if God in His moral perfection refused to accept us because of our moral weaknesses and outright … Read More