Black Pastors: Voting their Values or Voting by Party? [Video]

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I’m excited as I see black pastors rejecting Republican/Democrat Party history and tradition….and voting for their values. They are now looking at policy. They are viewing policy from a Christian, not partisan or secular worldview. I have met with black pastors who traditionally tell their church to vote “Democrat” – even if the candidate went against their values. But that’s … Read More

3 Ways Your Vote Will Impact the Supreme Court and the Future of America for the Next 20 Years

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The United States Supreme Court is composed of 9 justices nominated by the president and confirmed by the United States Senate. This is arguably the most important branch of government. It is determining the future of the United States more than Congress or the president. You as a voter can influence who will be on the Supreme Court. Here are … Read More

How You Can Make a Difference in This Critical Turning Point in American History

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You know the truth: Our culture has been heading in the wrong direction. Christians experience unfair violations of religious freedom, and it continues. The media, the education system, and the Deep State fight to make our future worse. It’s terrifying. We see politics that threaten to persecute us as followers of Christ. We have our values mocked. Our social and … Read More