Election Crisis Around the Corner: I Need Your Help to Prevent Another Blue Tsunami in 2020

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The outcome of the 2020 elections is heavily dependent on conservative voter turnout. At stake are several important policy issues: Whether the next Supreme Court Justice nominees will follow the Constitution as written … or reinterpret it to legislate from the bench Whether pro-life or pro-abortion (love-of-murder) federal judges will be appointed Whether we help – or abandon – the … Read More

Voter Guide: Vote For Not Against Your Values

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The March Primary Election is critical. Most will ignore it…and great candidates will lose. So your 1 vote in the primary is like 7 in November. It is very important. In order to help you vote for, not against your values, we have once again created the voter guide. Voter guide Recommendations: For California voters: From Northern California to San … Read More

Voter Guide: Your Prayers and Help Are Needed

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We are $349,000 short of being able to fully complete, promote and distribute our voter guide for the 2020 primary and general elections. Without this voter guide, over 60 million evangelical Christians won’t be able to vote confidently for their values rather than against their values. We need your prayers… And if you can, please donate $10 or more to … Read More