Your Help – Urgently Needed: Turning America Around

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Want to stop the anti-Christian policies hurting your family, your children, and your country? Most Christians do not know how to vote their values…many voting against their values. That’s why we research and review Judges – the only ones to do so in America. And we evaluate the President, Senate, Congress and State races. But we urgently need your help … Read More

All Hands On Deck: We Need Your Help to Keep America Moving in the Right Direction

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You may not care much for President Trump’s personality … or for his tweets … or for his verbal counterpunching when he’s attacked by the media and by the professional politicians. But you have to admit that the actions he’s taking to slow the spread of the coronavirus are potentially saving thousands of American lives. Even MSNBC talking head Joe … Read More

Election Crisis Coming Soon: Together We Can Prevent Another Blue Tsunami in November

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The outcome of the November 2020 election is heavily dependent on conservative voter turnout. At stake are several important policy issues: Whether the next Supreme Court Justice nominees will follow the Constitution as written … or reinterpret it to legislate from the bench Whether pro-life or pro-abortion (love-of-murder) federal judges will be appointed Whether we help – or abandon – … Read More