My Fox Appearance: In Case You Missed It [Video]

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Last week I was on Varney & Company talking about the very real problem of voter fraud. Two types of systemic, ongoing voter fraud are occurring in California and in other states as well: Illegal registration and voting of non-citizens Duplicate voting of legal citizens I’d love your input. My interview with Stuart Varney is only 3 ½ minutes long: … Read More

Disturbing Reality: My Fox Interview on How Voter Fraud Perpetuates Progressive Control of State Government [Video]

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The reaction to my interview on Fox Business News went crazy … and viral. Let me briefly explain … then watch the 3 ½-minute video below… Progressive Democrats and socialists have a perpetual stranglehold on the legislatures of some state governments. Why? Much of the reason has to do with two types of systemic, ongoing voter fraud: Illegal registration and … Read More