Voter Fraud Coverup Exposed: 5 Shocking New Findings You Need to Know About [Videos and Petition]

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The progressive media and Democrat Secretaries of State say voter fraud doesn’t exist. But there are 5 new and shocking proofs that massive, election-changing voter fraud does in fact exist. And it must be stopped before the 2020 election. Fair elections are fundamental to a Democratic Republic. In past issues of this newsletter and in chapter 11 of my book, … Read More

My Fox Appearance: In Case You Missed It [Video]

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Last week I was on Varney & Company talking about the very real problem of voter fraud. Two types of systemic, ongoing voter fraud are occurring in California and in other states as well: Illegal registration and voting of non-citizens Duplicate voting of legal citizens I’d love your input. My interview with Stuart Varney is only 3 ½ minutes long: … Read More

Disturbing Reality: My Fox Interview on How Voter Fraud Perpetuates Progressive Control of State Government [Video]

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The reaction to my interview on Fox Business News went crazy … and viral. Let me briefly explain … then watch the 3 ½-minute video below… Progressive Democrats and socialists have a perpetual stranglehold on the legislatures of some state governments. Why? Much of the reason has to do with two types of systemic, ongoing voter fraud: Illegal registration and … Read More

Special Report: How to Stop Rampant Voter Fraud

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I just got off Fox Business News and thought you’d want to see my interview with Stuart Varney – it’s only 3 ½ minutes long. We were discussing why businesses and millennials are leaving California and what needs to be done to reverse the trend. As goes California, so goes the rest of the nation … the problems affecting politics … Read More

Massive Cover-Up: California Voter Fraud [Video]

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California’s Secretary of State Alex Padilla is covering up illegal voting and incompetence within his own office. Padilla says voter fraud in the state does not exist. But facts say otherwise. While the media ignores voter fraud, San Diego-based Election Integrity Project (EIP), together with Judicial Watch, have put Padilla on notice. He has 90 days to clean up the … Read More