Join Me for a Private Briefing About What to Expect After the Election…

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This election is going to have historic consequences. It is going to impact not only the direction of our nation … but, much more. That’s why I have a special announcement…and invitation. You see the election will impact jobs and wages. It’s about if we have a solid economic recovery and economic growth, or not. · It is going to … Read More

Pastor Greg Laurie: A Rush of Hope Is Coming Straight To You [Video]

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It’s only days away… Since 1990 over 7.9 million people have attended the Harvest Crusades around the world. It’s been called one of the largest presentations of the gospel in U.S. History. 506,644 individuals have accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior. I’ve been to the first Crusade-and almost everyone since. But because of the Pandemic, this one is not allowed … Read More

Will I be Speaking at Your Church about Voting Your Values in the 2020 Primary Elections?

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The 2020 primary election season has already begun… Some states have already held their primaries. Other states – including California – hold their primaries on Super Tuesday – March 3rd – which is coming up very soon. We will be having a webinar in about a week. Keep in touch and I will let you know when it will be. … Read More