Gas Prices Skyrocketing: Rip-Off, Conspiracy, … or? [Shocking State-by-State Comparison]

Craig HueyGovernment, Reality Alert, Tax Reform2 Comments

The biased media and politicians are making false claims about gasoline prices: Why are gas prices in some states so much higher than in others? Why don’t they tell you how much of the price per gallon you pay goes to the government? Let’s face it – high gasoline prices and car registration fees hurt us all… The poor and … Read More

You’re Fired: How a Government Agency Blew $111.5 Million of Tax Money—And Thinks it’s Great.

Craig HueyAdvertising3 Comments

They spent $111.5 million on advertising and marketing and lost 30,000 customers. As a President of an ad agency, they should all be fired. Typical of a bureaucracy, they think it’s great. And they want more tax money. Since they are unaccountable, the waste of tax money goes on. Let’s look at this issue-unreported-failure. Obamacare spent and wasted $10 million … Read More