Stop the Deep State’s Invasion of Your Privacy: Kill FISA Now [Video + Petition]

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The Russia collusion. It’s a dead-end conspiracy theory the Left has championed since Trump won the presidency. It’s born from illegal surveillance of Trump team members by the Obama administration. It is a political fishing expedition, made possible by secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrants. It’s all rather hush hush. Warrants for surveillance are issued in secret by a … Read More

FISA: Let It Die in Congress or Continue to Lose Your Privacy [Video + Petition]

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Americans are under attack. And Americans are doing the attacking. The NSA, CIA and other intelligence agencies of the United States are delving into your privacy — with FISA warrants, allowing for abusive spying on Americans. It is not legal and is an abuse of power. Lately the entire surveillance apparatus is being weaponized for profit one political party over … Read More

Deep State and Privacy Revelation: Why You Should Be Worried [Video]

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Silence. Deafening media silence. Yet there is a real crime going on: Illegal spying on Americans cannot be ignored, except by the progressive media. The illegal spying by deep state operatives, holdovers from the Obama administration and career bureaucrats is damaging and out of control. The deep state violated the Constitution by pursuing illegal wiretaps and spying on politicians and … Read More