It Makes Me Sick But You’ve Got To See This

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Let me show you something that makes me sick. This is a hate map that is misleading, false, and wrong. It’s put out by a very well-funded progressive organization called the Southern Poverty Law Center. As you can see, the Pacific Justice Institute is on this malicious and slanderous list. I’ve supported the work of the Pacific Justice Institute for … Read More

The Media Lie: I Attended a Conference of a “Hate Group” [Video and Petition]

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President Trump and I recently attended what the biased media called a “hate conference.” Let me tell you what happened … First, I’ve been trying to warn America about the dangers of the Southern Poverty Law Center for years. It lies and is deceptive – it silences its opponents with its “hate group” label. Its “Hate Map” identifies hate groups … Read More

Lies and Slander: Christian Groups Falsely Attacked [Video]

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Christian groups that believe in a Bible worldview are now being slandered with lies and falsehoods. CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC and more media are unethically telling viewers that solid groups like Family Research Council are “hate” groups. Now they are doing it to the Pacific Justice Institute. Why? Because the progressive media, which hates, distorts and likes nothing better … Read More