Pakistani Government Un-frees Christian Mom Acquitted of Blasphemy: U.S. Senator Demands Congress Cut Off Pakistani Aid

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On October 31st, the Pakistan Supreme Court acquitted Aasia Bibi – a Christian mother of 5 children – of blasphemy against the Islamic prophet Muhammad.   I wrote about her case – and the overturning of her 2010 death sentence – here.   Because of violent riots that followed Bibi’s acquittal – and the demand by 2 extremist Muslim clerics … Read More

Turning Back the Tsunami of Worldwide Religious Persecution: What Every Christian Should Know

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Persecution against religious minorities – especially Christians – is growing. Christians have been crucified … Mothers have seen their children beheaded … Children have seen their mothers raped… Every 30 minutes, a Christian is being killed. In the past, the silence was deafening… No one – including the U.S. – stood up. But that’s now changing. The U.S. now has … Read More