Media Hysteria: Christians Praying for Trump ‘Stunning’ and ‘Strange’ [Video]

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When evangelical leaders gathered to pray for our President, CNN’s Erin Burnett thought it “stunning” and “very strange.” Previewing the segment, she said “And next, a pretty stunning image. Let me just give you a quick peek of it. The president bowing his head in prayer in the Oval Office and all these people sort of touching him. It’s very … Read More

Christians: Dangerous Hate Speech and Evangelical ‘Hate Groups’ [Video]

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I have a confession to make. I must be a “hater,” according ABC, NBC and the left media. Why? Because I invited the president of what they say is a top “hate group” to my home, filled with Christian leaders. The Alliance Defending Freedom is a Christian Civil Rights group defending Christian liberty. It’s also called a “hate group” by … Read More

Bigotry: Farmer Banned Because He’s a Christian [Video]

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Steve Tennes has always done what he believes is right. Steve operates Country Mills Farms, an organic apple farm located 22 miles outside of East Lansing in Charlotte, Mich. Since 2010, his farm has participated in East Lansing’s Farmers Market and has complied with the city’s “Human Relations” law that makes it illegal for public accommodations to discriminate based on … Read More