Church Financial Collapse: 12 Things Every Christian Must Know About Massive Church Crisis

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The governments’ shut down of churches has had a profound impact on the church and ministries.  Some churches have shut down and are closed forever.  Some ministries are closed forever.  Some churches have been hit harder than others.  The pandemic shutdown has had a short-term impact on all.  But, regardless of size or theology, a long-term financial impact, as well. … Read More

Crime Spike: How Bad Laws Have Hurt and Killed People

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Across America, large cities controlled by socialists have seen their crime spike… Murder … Shootings … Thefts… Some is due to gang violence. Some is due to homelessness. Some is random. More and more is organized violence. All of it is hurting the innocent and giving no hope to victims or to the criminals caught in a web of evil. … Read More

Volunteers Wanted- We Need Your Help

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We need your help to transform America and our culture. We are looking for volunteers who can help us by working from their homes or businesses (Or, if you live in the Torrance, California area, our office). We are looking for individuals for the following volunteer jobs: Research: Help us research judges and candidates (We will train you to research … Read More

Last Call on Paid Job Openings

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Thanks so much for those who responded to our volunteer and paid job openings … and to those who posted or showed them. I am in the process now of contacting people. But there is still time if you haven’t contacted me yet. Here are the needs: 1) Paid Jobs. I have openings in my ad agency for the following: Executive … Read More

Don’t Forget: Sign Up for My Tweets

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You can check out the hot topics of the day by following my Reality Alert tweets. Here are some examples of tweets that will send you to important stories: Love: getting the Word of God out to all Matthew 28: 18-20. Actor and Comic Jim Carrey’s Message: Suffering Leads to Salvation Department of Education has been funding Islamic indoctrination in … Read More