Why So Many Have Gone Ballistic Over the Trump-Putin Summit: 7 Things Every Christian Should Know [Videos]

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President Trump met with Vladimir Putin of Russia… And the media and Trump opponents went ballistic. After the 2-hour private meeting –with only translators present – a joint news conference with Trump and Putin took place in Helsinki. President Trump issued some terrible sound bites during that news conference … and the media swooped in for the kill. He later … Read More

Exposed: Russia, Lies, and Voting Fraud [Shocking Video]

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Exposed: Russia, Lies, and Voting Fraud [Shocking Video]

“They rigged the election to help Donald Trump win!” “Russia is manipulating the Election To Favor Trump!” This is the latest narrative from the liberal media and politicians. The shocking thing is … there is no proof, only opinion. The talking heads often say: 17 intelligence briefings have verified that Russia hacked the Democratic National Committee The Republicans’ emails were … Read More