Wildfire Myths and Distortions: 8 Disturbing Things You Need to Know About the Politicization of a Tragedy

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The nation is saddened as we hear about loss of life and people’s homes during devastating wildfires. California, for example, has become a nightmare. Many churches as well as businesses and historic structures have been destroyed. President Trump sent his condolences, but at the same time attacked the fact that forest mismanagement has been going on in California. This prompted … Read More

Wow: The Gospel at the Inauguration

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Wow: The Gospel at the Inauguration

President Trump’s inauguration will be seen by millions worldwide. And all will hear the Gospel. These are the speakers and prayer leaders who will be on stage at the inauguration on January 20th: Pastor Sammy Rodriguez. He is the head of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference. He helped California voters fight to gut state senator Ricardo Lara’s horrific legislation … Read More