Kirk Cameron: “Illegal” Christmas Caroling Slammed by Lockdown Politicians and Bureaucrats – 3 Things You Should Know [Video]

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Kirk Cameron is leading outdoor Christmas Caroling sing-along “concerts” in California. And he is under severe attack for ignoring the lockdown ban on outdoor public gatherings. Here are three things you should know: People need hope. Cameron’s Christmas Carol sing-alongs are ministering to people who are depressed and traumatized by forced business closures, job losses and stay-at-home orders. In America, … Read More

Voter Fraud: Irregularities, Ballot Harvesting and Mail-in Votes – Cutting through the Confusion and Media Censorship

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Voter fraud is a reality. Some are dismissing it by calling it a conspiracy theory. This is a denial of truth… What needs to be investigated and proven is how much voter fraud actually took place, and whether or not it was enough to change the election results. And what needs to happen to ensure election integrity in 2022. My … Read More

Christians are Being Deceived

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Christians are being deceived by a $36 million dollar campaign by master manipulators…and I need your help to stop them. The deception target: Georgia evangelicals and pastors. Why? Because Georgia holds the future control of the U.S. Senate. The future of: Expanding or … limiting abortion Undermining or … supporting Israel Massive tax hikes … or stopping job killing taxes … Read More