The Number One Reason to Vote in November?

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Whatever are your top political concerns, one issue should override all others. What issue is that? The Supreme Court. Your vote for president in this year’s general election is equivalent to your votes for two to four new Supreme Court justices over the next 4 years … plus your votes for federal appeals court judges and federal district court judges. … Read More

Criminalizing Christianity: Most Dangerous Bill Passes House – 10 Reasons Why You Need to Act NOW

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The “Criminalizing Christianity” bill has already been passed by the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives. It’s called the Equality Act or H.R. 5 … and it’s the most dangerous bill ever to be proposed at the federal level. Select Senators are being targeted by the bill’s promoters to make sure it also passes in the Senate. Let me explain… 1. What … Read More

Your Freedom is at Stake in the 2020 Election: What You Can Do to Help Preserve it

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Recently I told you about a revolution that’s taking place in America’s political system. It’s a revolution that threatens not just to end our two-party political system … but to end free speech and open political debate – sacrificing them on the altar of identity politics and politically correct “group-think.” It’s a revolution that shuts down any discussion of political … Read More