Shocking Planned Parenthood Ad: “She Deserves to Be a Choice” Means She Deserves to Be Killed [Videos]

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A short video of a live baby girl – smiling and giggling … with a lullaby playing softly in the background – is interrupted three times by a black screen with white text: “She deserves to be … loved.” “She deserves to be … wanted.” “She deserves to be … a choice.” The implication is unmistakable: she deserves to be … Read More

Planned Parenthood/California War: Silencing the Pro-Life Message

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It’s legalized censorship. David Daleiden, the man who created the Planned Parenthood videos showing the group discussing selling aborted body parts, is being silenced. Now two criminal defense attorneys for Daleiden of the Center for Medical Progress were cited for civil contempt for having published video recordings of illegal and immoral abortion activity. Daleiden is the video journalist whose undercover … Read More

Trump and Congress: Stop Taxpayer-Funding of Abortions

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Trump and Congress: Stop Taxpayer-Funding of Abortions

An average of 323,999 abortions  a year—900 a day!–are performed by the death mill Planned Parenthood, and taxpayers are paying for it! It’s immoral to take taxpayer dollars to pay for abortion. But there is great news. After only three days in office, President Trump signed an executive order which re-instates President Reagan’s Mexico City Policy, banning taxpayer funding for … Read More