Worldwide Persecution Against Christians and Other Religious Minorities Has Exploded: 7 Developments Every Christian Should Know About

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In the U.S. we are very aware of the attacks on synagogues, mosques, and churches. But very few people are aware of the many arrests of those who would create terror among the population. For example, Mark Steven Domingo was taken into custody by the FBI for plotting to blow up the Santa Monica pier in southern California. Domingo is … Read More

Outrageous! New Assault on Religious Freedom [VIDEO]

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California and Pennsylvania have declared war on religious freedom…and nuns. The Attorneys General from these two states are suing Little Sisters of the Poor, a Catholic charity that provides personal care for the elderly poor, the dying, and those who need care and have no place else to go. Why are they suing? It’s meanspirited political grandstanding in the extreme … Read More

7 Critical Steps to Stopping Radical Hindu Indian Persecution of Christians [Petition]

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Millions of Indian Christians are facing being beaten, attacked, or even killed. Why? Because of the way they choose to worship, pray, and believe in God. So, let me explain the situation, and 7 critical steps that can help stop this assault on religious freedom. Today in India, the largest nation in the world, and the largest democracy, there is … Read More