7 Shocking Revelations the Media Ignores About Deep State Corruption and Russia [Videos + Petition]

Craig HueyDeep State2 Comments

Don’t be fooled. The media is ignoring or distorting the most shocking revelations about the Russian investigation. Here are 7 shocking revelations you won’t see or read in the mainstream media or Facebook. America’s Intelligence Agencies Are Spying on Americans: We know the U.S. intelligence agencies are collecting metadata on Americans, contrary to the right to privacy granted by the … Read More

Deep State and Privacy Revelation: Why You Should Be Worried [Video]

Craig HueyGovernment2 Comments

Silence. Deafening media silence. Yet there is a real crime going on: Illegal spying on Americans cannot be ignored, except by the progressive media. The illegal spying by deep state operatives, holdovers from the Obama administration and career bureaucrats is damaging and out of control. The deep state violated the Constitution by pursuing illegal wiretaps and spying on politicians and … Read More