How Then Should We Live? Should We Allow the Government to Rescind the First Amendment? Or Should We Declare Independence from Unlawful Government Interference? [Video]

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Ken Graves is the pastor of Calvary Chapel Central Maine in Bangor. I’ve heard Pastor Ken speak several times at conferences … and I’ve visited his church once. He’s a gifted, powerful speaker and Bible teacher. He recently received national publicity – which he wasn’t seeking – when he announced to his congregation that he was no longer going to … Read More

Pastors’ Shocker: Significant Number Don’t Believe in Religious Liberty [3 Things You Should Know]

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From the American revolution to today, pastors have been the conscience of local communities. During the War of Independence, pastors helped rally people to support freedom. Pastors were at the center of the great social movements, including abolishing slavery. Pastors, along with local and state politics, were the leading voices to help bring change and elect good candidates. But the … Read More

Shocking: Cuban Pastor Sentenced to 1-Year Heavy Labor for Homeschooling His Children [Video]

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Fans of socialism and communism, take note. An evangelical pastor in Cuba has been sentenced to a year of hard labor and house arrest for insisting his children be homeschooled. You can’t defy a communist government that knows what’s best for you. Pastor Ramon Rigal of Iglesia de Dios in Cristo, said his decision to take his children out of … Read More