How Obamacare has been Secretly Funding Abortions with Your Tax Dollars: Revealing the Hidden Abortion Surcharge

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It’s been devious and dishonest… It’s pretended to comply with federal law prohibiting the use of federal funds to pay for abortion – but it hasn’t complied at all… And it’s been so convoluted and complicated that few people have understood it. But President Trump has pulled the curtain back and revealed the hidden truth. Let me explain. Since 1994, … Read More

Repeal and Replace Nightmare: Who Is Hurt [Video]

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The real losers in the failure of the Senate to repeal and replace Obamacare are millions of Americans being hurt by that healthcare law, including those who: Seeing their premiums skyrocket Are experiencing ridiculously high deductibles Lost their jobs Were downgraded to part-time work Lost their doctors The 6.5 million fined each year by the IRS who don’t make enough … Read More

Obamacare Is Dead: Should We Replace With Single Payer … Or …?

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Across America, people are losing their insurance as insurers drop out of Obamacare. Choice and quality are disappearing almost daily as some counties in the U.S. only have one carrier. The worst “fix” is replacing Obamacare with a single-payer system, i.e. government-run socialist healthcare. Senators Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren have wanted single-payer. Is it an option? Let’s … Read More

Not Repealing Obamacare Is Morally Reprehensible [Video]

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As Congress debates about a new healthcare mandate, Obamacare continues to sink, hurting more people daily. Consider: Over 1,000 counties in the U.S. have only one insurance carrier – or none. The state of Iowa was just notified the last insurance carrier is pulling out. That’s the whole state. Arizona had a massive 113% increase in premiums in 2017. Many … Read More

How Obamacare is Hurting Patients and the Economy [3 Hidden Dangers]

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When you hear someone say, “the devil is in the details,” they’re probably talking about Obamacare. It’s a national health plan that has all but unraveled. The health and wellness of patients is being hurt as the Obamacare medical bureaucracy explodes. For you and your family it means: Less personal care More tax monies going to the bureaucracy than to … Read More

Crushing Alternative Health Choices: Single Payer/Socialized Medicine Nightmare

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A lot of advocates point to Europe as an example of why the U.S. should have socialized medicine. “We are the only country without it,” they say. For good reason. Look at Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) for example. The NHS: Prevents parents from seeking experimental treatments for terminally ill children, as we witnessed with the heartless debacle over baby … Read More

Obamacare: The End is Near [Video]

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Obamacare: The End is Near [Video]

It’s time to repeal … and replace Obamacare. The deeply flawed and dangerous legislation was a lie from the start. The heart of the problem was centralizing patient care, rather than consumer-centered care (see my Fox News interview below) The problem is government … control … regulations … and bureaucrats. Now, President-Elect Trump has nominated Congressman Tom Price (R-Georgia) to … Read More