One of the Most Important Events of the Year: And You Get to Participate!

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You get to participate in one of the most important events of the year … the National Day of Prayer on Thursday May 2nd! Across America, tens of thousands of churches are hosting the event with literally millions of Christians praying. You can find a church near you, here. If you are close, Shelly and I are speaking at: Rolling … Read More

Biased Media and Politicians Shocked: 5 Things Trump Said on National Day of Prayer That Every Christian Should Know [Video]

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The National Day of Prayer was held nationwide. In Washington D.C., President Trump and Vice President Pence also held a National Day of Prayer. Before several hundred evangelical leaders, President Trump: Shocked the press Disturbed the left Upset the progressive movement Why? Because the truth of Jesus Christ and support for religious liberty were clearly proclaimed by President Trump. Here … Read More