Mueller Report Aftermath: Deep-State Media and Politicians Won’t Stop Their Attacks on President Trump [Video and Petition]

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The Deep State – meaning all those who favor huge regulatory bureaucracies and socialistic (that is, government-controlled) industries – loathes Donald J. Trump. Why? Because they are “The Swamp” he promised to “drain” when he was running for president in 2016. President Trump is a threat to their power and control over you and every other American. Why wouldn’t they … Read More

El Informe Especial: 10 Hechos Impactantes para Todos Cristianos Saber acerca del Informe Mueller

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Es impactante … Los medios de comunicación parciales y los políticos demócratas están al margen del hecho de que los fiscales e investigadores federales de Robert Mueller no encontraron pruebas de connivencia entre los miembros de la campaña de Trump y el gobierno ruso. Durante más de 2 años, estos fanáticos anti-Trump le han estado diciendo a los estadounidenses que … Read More

Did You Miss My Special Report on the 10 Shocking Facts You Should Know about the Mueller Investigation?

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The Mueller Report hasn’t been made public yet… But from Attorney General William Barr’s summary letter to congressional leaders, we know that Robert Mueller left a “poison pill” in his report to harass – and potentially cripple – President Trump and his administration for the rest of his presidency. Do you know what it is? Click here to find out… … Read More