7 Little-Known Reasons the Politicians are Dead Wrong: How the Minimum Wage is Hurting the Poor, the Middle Class and Job Creators

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The politicians … the media … Facebook … It’s a constant, loud cry to raise the minimum wage… But there are 7 little-known reasons they are dead wrong. Raising the minimum wage is the worst possible thing you can do for the poor … and for everyone. Why? Because economic actions always have both intended and unintended economic consequences… Sometimes … Read More

The Minimum Wage: Good Intentions…Destructive Consequences [Video]

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On the surface, an increase in the minimum wage sounds good… But the unintended consequences are devastating. As a business owner and economic expert, I can tell what happens when the minimum wage arbitrarily goes up: It eliminates jobs. It hurts students looking for year-round part-time or summer full-time jobs. It reduces or eliminates entry-level job training. It destroys many … Read More