Religious Bigotry Against Mike Pence: The Biased Media Assault on Christians [Video]

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The ridiculing and demonizing of Christian faith in America by the media elite and by progressive politicians is becoming more and more acceptable … even though it’s blatant bigotry. Let me explain… Vice President Mike Pence is a freedom fighter… He was a fearless warrior for religious freedom and freedom of speech for all Americans during his tenure in the … Read More

Trump: Stunning Statement on Christian Faith? (video)

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Vice President Mike Pence stunned many in talking about President Trump’s faith. “What is going on – spiritually – at the White House?” asked CBN commentator David Brody. Mike Pence replied, “Let me be clear: President Trump is a believer, and so am I.” When I first met Mike Pence, he was still a congressman. He said to me, “I’m … Read More

Surprise: U.S. to Aid Persecuted Christians, Stops UN Aid! [Video + Petitions]

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Christians are being attacked globally like never before. Finally, something positive is happening. Vice President Mike Pence said the U.S. is coming to the defense of persecuted Christians. He said the United States will: Shift aid from the United Nations to the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). Specifically focus on protecting Christians as part of its national security agenda. … Read More

Vice President Mike Pence Leads Las Vegas Unity Prayer Walk as Christians, Churches Galvanize [Videos]

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Vice President Mike Pence led a Las Vegas Unity Prayer Walk over the weekend, an event planned well before the shootings. Now the walk carried deeper meaning, and a message of God’s love and healing. He said: “We stand with you, to pray with you for strength, comfort, and healing in the wake of Sunday night’s horrific attack … In … Read More

Stunning: President Trump Declares National Day of Prayer: What Every Christian Should Know [Videos]

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Since the media isn’t telling you the whole truth about the hurricane, Christians and Christ … we will President Trump has just signed a proclamation declaring a National Day of Prayer Sunday, Sept. 3 for Hurricane Harvey victims. Shelly and I are just blown away. This is stunning news to hear a president call a nation to prayer, to call … Read More

How Christians View Trump and Pence … 6 Months Later

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Eighty-one percent of evangelicals voted for Trump to be president. So, how do Christians view Trump and Pence 6 months after they’ve been in office? With an unending and unrelenting assault by the media, entrenched institutions and partisan Democrats, how do evangelical Christians, or SAGE CONs, feel about President Trump and Vice President Pence? (SAGE CON is an acronym for … Read More