Shocker: Google Using Hate Group List to Censor Content [Petition]

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Google has been long suspected of manipulating its search engine algorithm to hide content from conservative, Christian, and libertarian sources – in effect, censoring their content. Countless examples of apparently biased political and religious search engine results have been cited to bolster the allegations of censorship. We have written about Google bias here and here. And Dennis Prager has filed … Read More

Media Bias: 12 Truths about FBI Comey Firing [video]

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The media is badly distorting the reality of Trump’s firing of James Comey, the FBI Director. Here are 12 realities and truths you should know: 1) Republicans and Democrats agreed on one thing: Comey should be fired. He was. Most Democrats now act shocked, even after calling for his resignation. 2) The FBI lost its credibility for fairness and justice. … Read More