Stopping Judicial Activism: Praying for President Trump’s Next Supreme Court Nomination [Videos]

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President Trump has said he will announce his next Supreme Court nominee on July 9th – next Monday. Liberals and progressives have said they will oppose the nominee no matter who it may be… Why? There are several reasons: They hate the president and everything he stands for … and are committed to opposing everything he does They oppose conservative … Read More

The Deep State and Judicial Activism: What You Can Do Now to Stop this Menace to Our Freedom and Our Rights

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The Deep State infiltrates every branch of the U.S. government… Its objective is to manipulate, grow, and maintain power through corrupt and unconstitutional ways. And one of the most dangerous strongholds of the Deep State is in the judicial branch. Here are 3 things you need to know about the dangers of judicial activism, and what you can do now … Read More

Judicial Activism: Two Ways to End Judicial Legislation

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Progressive judges are using the courts to legislate from the bench. That’s not right … it’s a violation of the constitutional separation of powers. How did this happen? Progressive ideologs have been appointed or elected. For example, during his 8 years in office, Barrack Obama appointed more than 300 federal judges, giving them control over America’s federal court system. He … Read More