Free Speech for Pastors: Will Lead to ‘Blood in the Streets’?

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I had to do a double-take. Did Congressman Ron Kind, a democrat from Wisconsin, make the most outrageous statement of 2017? The answer? Yes! He said that if pastors had the freedom to speak from the pulpit it would lead to “blood in the streets.” Let me explain. In 1954, President Johnson snuck through Congress an amendment that muzzled pastors. … Read More

Pastors’ Free Speech Protection Coming Soon? (Petition)

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Pastors in America do not have full freedom of speech. That’s right. Pastors cannot say legally what they want … because of a little-known law called the Johnson Amendment. The pastors censor themselves for fear of losing their tax-exemption status. But historically, the pastor has been the moral conscience of society—until that amendment was passed in 1954. As a candidate, … Read More

2017 National Prayer Breakfast: Trump, Media Bias, and Profound Truth

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2017 National Prayer Breakfast: Trump, Media Bias, and Profound Truth

President Trump spoke at his first annual National Prayer Breakfast. What he said was awesome! What the media reported was disgusting. Among the distinguished guests who attended, this year’s guests were: King Abdullah of Jordan Mark Burnett, the producer of reality TV shows like “Survivor” and “The Apprentice” Senator John Boozman of Arkansas Senator Chris Coons of Delaware Roma Downey … Read More