Oppression: The Shocking Truth About ISIS [Video]

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The Islamic State’s occupation of Mosul and other parts of Iraq can only be described as a wrecking ball of Islamic extremism. Genocide against Christians was brutal and systematic. When ISIS entered Mosul, one of the country’s largest cities, militants began singling Christians out. ISIS marked their homes and businesses with a symbol — the Arabic letter “N,” which stands … Read More

Israel: The Deadly Crisis the Media Ignores [Video and Petition]

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Riots. Killings. Bombings. All of these incidents are escalating in Israel. But the media is ignoring it. What are the causes? Here are four: Obama action right before he left office Radical Islam The UN Anti-Israel hatred in the U.S. For example, under President Obama, his administration repeatedly attempted to undermine Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Jewish State, a … Read More

Pakistani Public Schools: Indoctrination Camps Teaching Hate

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Pakistani Public Schools: Indoctrination Camps Teaching Hate

In Pakistan, students are taught to view every other religion besides Sunni Islam with hostility and outright violent opposition. The textbooks adopt fundamentalist arguments, which have no basis in fact, and attribute every good action against evil to the efforts of devout Muslims. One 7th grade textbook in Pakistan reads: “History has no parallel to the extreme kindness to the … Read More