Time to Act: Be Part of God’s Mighty Move [Video]

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I hope you’ll join my wife, Shelly, and myself in being part of this weekend’s Harvest Crusade at Angel Stadium, Aug. 18-20. Gates open at 5 p.m. If you don’t live in Southern California, you and your friends can watch it on the Harvest Crusade website. Click here to access it. If you do live in California, bring friends, relatives, … Read More

How to Treat Those Who Are Filled With Hate [3 Principles to Live By]

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Christians. Trump supporters. Conservatives. These are a few of the groups being vilified by: The education establishment The media Entertainment industry Liberals with hateful words and actions They are filled with hate. So, as Christians, how do we respond? We are taught a Scripture to “love our enemies,” even “those who persecute us.” (See Matthew 5:44) We see this loving … Read More