Should Christian Singer Lauren Daigle Be Condemned by the Christian Media for Not Calling Homosexuality a Sin: 7 Factors to Consider [Video/Audio]

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I recently told you about the popular new Christian singing sensation Lauren Daigle appearing on The Ellen Show and singing her hit song “Still Rolling Stones” from her new album Look Up Child.   See the article here.   It was a powerful Christian testimony, not just to Ellen DeGeneres, but also to everyone in the studio audience … and … Read More

Church Decline: Should Schools and Houses of Worship Compromise on Biblical Truths?

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Azusa Pacific University, one of California’s biggest Christian colleges, is being pressured to end its policies regarding homosexuality. Pro-homosexual activists are asking the school to compromise its biblical stand on homosexuality. A church in Tennessee tried that and saw its membership cut in half. Pastor Stan Mitchell of GracePointe Church in Franklin, Tenn., announced his LGBT support in 2015, then … Read More

Set Free: How One Homosexual Was Transformed by God’s Love [Video]

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Heartbroken over his parent’s divorce, and feeling rejected after his father remarries, Joshua turned to homosexuality. “I just tried to mess around with guys to try to find love and fulfillment where I was broken and where I felt rejected, and that just caused me to hang out with a lot of the wrong people,” he said. The drug and … Read More