Under-the-Radar Election Meddling: 7 Things the Deep State Doesn’t Want You to Know about How they Plan to Steal the 2020 Election … Using the Census

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Deep State bureaucrats are secretly working behind the scenes to change future election results – for the next 10 years! Socialist Democrat politicians and organizations are joining together, along with help and big money from state and national Deep State bureaucrats. How? Let me explain… Here are 7 little-known things the Deep State bureaucracies and socialist politicians don’t want you … Read More

Please Help Us Prepare Our 2020 Voter Guide [Video]

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If you’ve used our voter guide in the past, you know how valuable it is…   More than 800,000 voters used it in 2018 … and right now it contains some special election recommendation recommendations.   We cover local election candidates all the way up to presidential candidates, intensely researching every candidate so you will have confidence in who to … Read More

Please Help Us Educate Voters to Vote Their Values in the 2020 Election [Video and Petition]

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You can help change the face of politics and culture in our nation … You can help shift the outcome of the 2020 election. As you know, last November we experienced the most critical midterm election in decades. We lost many great candidates…such as Congressman Dana Rohrabacher in the 48th District in California. Dana has stood up for the persecuted church … Read More

You Really CAN Make a Difference in this Critical Turning Point in American History

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You know the truth: In spite of President Trump’s best efforts, the 2018 midterm election results indicate that our culture is heading in the wrong direction… We see attacks taking place on our freedoms and constitutional rights, and they keep escalating… State legislatures – and even Congress – are voting for infanticide and against protecting the right to life of … Read More

Your Part in Restoring or Destroying the Foundations of America

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You are seeing before your very eyes… very dangerous cultural changes very dangerous media distortions very dangerous political policies You can help us stop these disturbing megatrends toward the destruction of our values and our foundations … and instead transform our culture, media, and politics for the better. You can help us restore family values to America. At stake are: … Read More