The Escalation of Hatred and Violence in America: 6 Disturbing Trends, One Solution

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American society today seems to be progressing rapidly into a culture of hatred, violence, and destruction of values, morals … and even lives. Instead of having respectful discussions and civil debate about differences of political and religious beliefs, we’ve seen: A deranged Bernie Sanders supporter attempt to assassinate Republican congressmen on a baseball field A deranged President Trump supporter send … Read More

The Shooting Assassination of Republicans: 7 Shocking facts you should know about growing hate and violence

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The Washington D.C. shooting by a Bernie Sanders liberal Democrat has created a massive warning for those shouting “resist.” This is not about Democrats or Republicans. It’s about politics transitioning from Democrat/liberal vs Republican/conservative view on issues and policy to outright political violence by liberals and socialists. It’s about normalizing political violence in America. Here are 7 things you should … Read More