SPECIAL REPORT – Christian Shooting: 6 Seconds of Terror and Death: 13 Things Every Christian and Pastor Should Know About this Evil [Chilling Video of Shooting in Church]

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Evil struck another church… For 6 seconds, 240 Christians who were gathered for worship, communion, and the word of God were terrified for the lives of their families and children. Here are 13 things you should know about the shooting. I encourage you to watch the chilling video at the end of this report. 1. The massacre was limited thanks … Read More

Stunning Church Shooting Fallout: 4 Little Known but Powerful Stories [Videos]

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Four critical stories have emerged in the wake of the Texas church shooting: Wow, the gospel is being preached like no one could have expected. Gun control, you won’t believe this … Liberal elitists attack faith and prayer, unbelievable … Truth: Our fight is against spiritual forces of evil. No. 1: In the Aftermath of the Shootings, Jesus Christ is … Read More