Crazy Uber? Uber’s Own Donations Go to Destroy Itself

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Uber…Is it Crazy? Like many large corporations, it donated a lot of money to politicians and organizations. These are the very politicians and organizations trying to destroy Uber. Uber Ride Share is a product of the free market. It discovered a need and using technology, supplied the solution. Out of nothing, it produced thousands of jobs and income for drivers … Read More

My Top 10 Favorite Insights from One of the Greatest Economists of the 20th Century [Videos]

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The late Dr. Milton Friedman profoundly helped educate millions of people about freedom and the free market. With great clarity and simplicity, he taught people why socialism is immoral and unsustainable … and only freedom and free enterprise helps lift people out of poverty and creates prosperity. Here are 10 of Friedman’s top insights: 1. There is nothing as permanent … Read More