The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) is a Violation of Your Privacy: Tell Congress to Stop it Now! [Video + Petition]

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The Deep State is violating your privacy like never before. The NSA, CIA and other intelligence agencies of the United States are delving into your privacy — with FISA warrants, allowing for abusive spying on Americans. It is not legal and is an abuse of power. Its excuse is that it’s stopping terrorism inside the U.S. It’s all done under … Read More

Urgent! Time Running Out to Sign the Petition to Stop the Misuse and Invasion of Our Privacy

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The Obama administration misused our intelligence community…and illegally spied on Americans. In fact, the Obama team used it against his political opponents…misusing what is called “the FISA Court.” The “FISA” law expires December 31st and is now up for renewal. The House Intelligence Committee has passed the FISA Amendments Reauthorization Act of 2017 without making necessary changes. The bill approves … Read More

7 Shocking Revelations the Media Ignores About Deep State Corruption and Russia [Videos + Petition]

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Don’t be fooled. The media is ignoring or distorting the most shocking revelations about the Russian investigation. Here are 7 shocking revelations you won’t see or read in the mainstream media or Facebook. America’s Intelligence Agencies Are Spying on Americans: We know the U.S. intelligence agencies are collecting metadata on Americans, contrary to the right to privacy granted by the … Read More