Church Terrorized? Bloody Carnage at a Sunday Worship Service [video]

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No Christian goes to a church service on Sunday morning and expects to be attacked, shot, or even killed. But unfortunately, as we see persecution of Christians on the rise in America, we need to consider how to be prepared for anything. Attacks against churches are rising. Consider the following incident, which happened just this past weekend: It was a … Read More

God, Guns, and Open Carry in Texas

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God, Guns, and Open Carry in Texas

We all trust in God to keep us safe. He invites us to take necessary precautions, too. In churches, larger congregations have begun providing armed security measures in the face of terrorist threats. Protections against mentally disturbed individuals and disgruntled workers have motivated more churches to follow Jesus’ command to His disciples: “He that hath a purse, let him take … Read More