Christian Worship Leader and Evangelist Sean Feucht – Facebook Censors, Defames Him and Lies: 5 Things You Should Know [Video]

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In troubled cities across America, Sean Feucht has brought worship, the gospel and hope to broken people. But Facebook just took down his Facebook page and his videos … and defamed and lied about him. Here are 5 things you should know about Facebook and Sean Feucht: 1. What Facebook said and did. Facebook shut down Sean’s Facebook page containing … Read More

Black Pastors: Voting their Values or Voting by Party? [Video]

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I’m excited as I see black pastors rejecting Republican/Democrat Party history and tradition….and voting for their values. They are now looking at policy. They are viewing policy from a Christian, not partisan or secular worldview. I have met with black pastors who traditionally tell their church to vote “Democrat” – even if the candidate went against their values. But that’s … Read More

Watch My Latest Interviews [Videos]

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Don’t miss these two powerful interviews I just did: Exceptional Conservative: I explain about the Christian vote and voter fraud. Click HERE. NewsMax: I talk about Amy Coney Barrett. Click HERE.