“Dangerous Religious Extremists”: Media Says Christian “Zealots” Disobeying Science and Data by Going to Church and Praying and Worshiping…5 Shocking Realities [Videos]

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The media has been on a rampage against Christians…because they want to open churches.  Here are 5 shocking realities to know about the intense attack on Christians: Moral outrage and superiority over Christians. Just look at what is being said in their outrage:  They have spread lies, fear, and hate. “Virus is not religious…it won’t respond to prayer” “It’s religion … Read More

Church Financial Collapse: 12 Things Every Christian Must Know About Massive Church Crisis

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The governments’ shut down of churches has had a profound impact on the church and ministries.  Some churches have shut down and are closed forever.  Some ministries are closed forever.  Some churches have been hit harder than others.  The pandemic shutdown has had a short-term impact on all.  But, regardless of size or theology, a long-term financial impact, as well. … Read More

Lauren Daigle’s Must-See American Idol Duet

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Lauren Daigle’s songs have ministered to millions of Christians… and non-Christians. Although never winning American Idol, Lauren got her start on the show as a contestant and now mentor’s other contestants. Recently, Lauren revisited American Idol as a headliner and performing in an amazing online duet. Here are two videos: The must-see performance: The online chat where you can hear … Read More

6 Things Every Christian Should Know About the 18 States Still Trampling on Christian Rights and Churches’ Constitutional Freedom [California’s and Other States’ Democratic Mockery]

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Special Report Here are 6 things every Christian should know about the 18 states that are still trampling on our Christian and constitutional rights. Churches have been closed and they have been treated unequally and discriminated against. Every pastor and church leadership team wants everyone coming to their church to be safe. But from the start, churches have been discriminated … Read More

Powerful: Pastor Wins “The Voice” Contest with Christian Song [Watch Winning Song]

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A pastor won in the latest “The Voice” contest. Pastor Todd Tilghman of Cornerstone church in Meriden, Mississippi climbed to the top… and won. And he didn’t shy away from reaching out to the millions watching the finale performances. His choice for the finale was MercyMe’s hit, “I can only Imagine.” To add to the drama of a Christian pastor … Read More

Should Christians and Pastors Obey or Disobey Unfair Laws [Romans 13 and Shutting Down Churches]

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Across America, pastors are disobeying the law and opening up their churches. And across America, Christians are disobeying laws to have home Bible studies to minister to the broken and hurting. And yes, to attend church. Some have said to me that disobeying government orders to shut down Sunday church services and other gatherings of believers is a violation of … Read More

How Then Should We Live? Should We Allow the Government to Rescind the First Amendment? Or Should We Declare Independence from Unlawful Government Interference? [Video]

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Ken Graves is the pastor of Calvary Chapel Central Maine in Bangor. I’ve heard Pastor Ken speak several times at conferences … and I’ve visited his church once. He’s a gifted, powerful speaker and Bible teacher. He recently received national publicity – which he wasn’t seeking – when he announced to his congregation that he was no longer going to … Read More