The Criminalization of Christianity?

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For a month now most churches have remained closed. Most are live-streaming their worship services. Some are very successful… including massive signs of revival. But the call for keeping anyone over 65 out of church (including pastors), keeping church buildings closed from worshipping through the summer or fall or beyond, and restricting services to 10-20 people are growing. Enough. It’s … Read More

The Great Battle Against Christianity: 7 Things You Should Know about what the Supreme Court Just Did [Video]

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The U.S. Supreme Court just ruled in favor of religious freedom … but at the same time, it also refused to protect religious freedom going forward. Let me explain what happened… Here are 7 things every Christian – and everyone who believes in freedom of religious expression – should be aware of: The state of Oregon demanded that a Christian … Read More

‘Church Lady’ Shocker: Is Wearing A Cross Wrong? [Video]

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The Left has gone ballistic over wearing a cross. Laura Ingraham has a new Fox show, “Laura Ingraham’s ‘Angle’.” She has been ridiculed as “the church lady” because she wears a cross. Ingraham wears the cross because she knows its true meaning, as we read in 1 Peter 2: 24-25 … “Who Himself bore our sins in His own body … Read More