The Future of Our Nation: What You Can Do About the Historic Georgia Senate Races

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The future course of our nation is dependent upon the election results in the upcoming Georgia Senate runoff election.  If the two Democrat Socialists – who are running against two conservative Senators – win the two Senate seats, we will have 4 years that could destroy America. Right now it’s a virtual tie with two socialist candidates running who are: Anti-Israel … Read More

Massive Cover-Up: California Voter Fraud [Video]

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California’s Secretary of State Alex Padilla is covering up illegal voting and incompetence within his own office. Padilla says voter fraud in the state does not exist. But facts say otherwise. While the media ignores voter fraud, San Diego-based Election Integrity Project (EIP), together with Judicial Watch, have put Padilla on notice. He has 90 days to clean up the … Read More