Voter Fraud: Irregularities, Ballot Harvesting and Mail-in Votes – Cutting through the Confusion and Media Censorship

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Voter fraud is a reality. Some are dismissing it by calling it a conspiracy theory. This is a denial of truth… What needs to be investigated and proven is how much voter fraud actually took place, and whether or not it was enough to change the election results. And what needs to happen to ensure election integrity in 2022. My … Read More

Disturbing but Predicted: Thousands of Ballots Arriving at the Post Office After the Election – Millions Won’t be Counted

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Thousands of ballots continue to pour into U.S. post offices across the country. The vast majority of them are from people who mailed in their ballot three or less days before the election.    A small minority of them are from people who, as registered voters, never received the ballots sent to them in time to vote.   This includes … Read More

Voter Fraud: Did it Happen? Truth from Fiction [ My Radio Interview with Roger Marsh]

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Is voter fraud real? Did it impact this election? Listen to this fast-paced interview with Roger Marsh. A few of the issues covered that you won’t hear elsewhere include: Truth in this Election and an Election Recount How to Keep the Deep State from Stealing the Election What You Can Do to Impact the Election in Georgia You can listen … Read More

How Pastors’ Silence Caused Trump to Possibly Lose and Biden to Possibly Win

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Call it silence. Call it indifference. Call it neglect. Across America, pastors on the Sunday before the election failed to encourage their church attendees to vote. They failed to tell their fellowship how to vote their values. They failed to tell their fellowship how to not vote against their values. I went to a megachurch on the Sunday before the … Read More

Abortion: Biden vs. Trump – 6 Things Every Christian Should Know

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Where President Trump stands and where Joe Biden stands on the issue of abortion is critical to voters. In this election, here are 6 things you should know: Complete Opposite Positions. This election is turning out to be a fight between President Trump – who has been the most pro-life, anti-abortion president in the United States – versus Joe Biden … Read More

Help Us Send The Christian Voter: 7 Non-Negotiables for Voting For, Not Against, Your Values to Every Voter in the 7 Key Swing States that Will Determine the Trump/Biden Winner

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7 key swing states hold the key to who wins the presidency in 2020. That is why your help is so urgently needed to send The Christian Voter: 7 Non-Negotiables for Voting For, Not Against Your Values to Christian voters in the key swing states…So they will vote…So they will vote for, not against, their values. In the swing states … Read More

Assault on Christian Rights: Now a Coach Gets Fired Simply for His Christian Beliefs [Video]

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A university coach was just fired – for standing firm for Christ. Across America, people who stand for Jesus Christ and refuse to bow down to that which they disagree with are under incredible attacks. Many Christians find themselves shrinking in fear. They are afraid to stand for Christ. Afraid to stand for what is right. Afraid to stand firm. … Read More